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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

CYANIDE release party & BBS contestants

CYANIDE magazine is releaseing its Summer issue this saturday (1 day after my birthday :D)

Looks summery doesnt it? What do you think?
Will you be going?

Also the 18 lucky BBS (big brother stardoll ) contestants have been revealed:

BBS Contestants:
01 - Katara4
02 - Clairepop
03 - Daisy-Croatia
04 - SaltyDan
05 - Wooldoor
06 - Princess_Kiara1
07 - GothRibbon
08 - x.Mariana.x
09 - Madworld
10 - Blueberry-dream
11 - Anouch10
12 - Tip_toe_girl
13 - Bluegreen86
14 - _anto_
15 - Clubklo
16 - Prisaphiliagrl
17 - Hazy_Cloud121
18 - _pinkalicious_x

congratulations to all who are on there! a few people complained that there was well known members but all Miss_LolitaF had to say was:

"If there are 18 people no one know there is no audience, if there is a well-known and a not well-known there is a big audience. And I am the one investing my time, my ideas and my money it."

Which is True.. What do you think?


PwincessSara/Sara said...

I think Lolita has a point. After all, she's investing her time in to it, so end of the day, it IS up to her.

And not all of them follow the "Elite" controversy. I don't believe in all the Elite stuff much; the more famous and well known members are amazing, so what's the difference?

So cannot wait for Cyanide!
Looks amazing. Happy Early Birthday!!

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