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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

STILETTO spoiler /Dioguardi Cruise 2010/2011

Yes im still Alive.. no i wasnt away, i was just being lazy.. :) sorry..

Toxxic.angel has released the finished spoiler of the upcoming issue of Stiletto magazine.
What do you think of it? i personaly like the dress and the sweet innocent theme going on.. the only downfall was the purse, it looks like its hanging off her wrist or something and its too bright :)  

Dioguardi Cruise 2010/2011:

Dioguardi has begin its Cruise 2010/2011 campaign and have given us a little spoiler...

i love this spoiler, reminds me of a nice calm clean beach with jewlerry inside, i love the idea and im quite sure im going to be impressed with the outcome of this.. 
What do you think of These two spoilers?


PwincessSara/Sara said...

They're amazing!
I wish I could design them like that; I think we all do! xD
I agree with the purse on the section about Stiletto Mag spoiler. Kinda ruins the whole Pink theme. "/

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