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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Antidote in Starplaza Archive...

Its one of those moments where you either hate the guts of Stardoll or you love it so much that you can't wait to go and buy the item. What am I talking about? Well...I went shopping in the Starplaza today, and I was seeing if any of the items I liked fit in to my budget. Tbh, none of them did. You can hardly buy anything on Stardoll with $7sd nowadays anyway!

Lol so I was at the Archive, and I was on the second floor. I must have been trying on a Paris dress...and guess what I saw? The Archive logo stamped on top of the Antidote logo! Head on down to the Starplaza and check for yourself...

Btw...I don't need to give credit for the pics, cause it's what I posted on my blog. So if you see Stardoll News and Views/SNV on pics, don't ask me why I didn't give credit. Cause I cbb taking another screen print! Lol x Anway check it out for yourself:
I purchased it-I don't like it much, but if it is Antidote, who cares?!? Lol. So...me purchasing it has frankly emptied my Stardollars purse. When I got to my suite and took it out, the Antidote label disappeared, and it only has the Archive lable on. Is this cause it wasn't really from Antidote? Or is is just because it returned...Idk! Lol...

What do YOU think about this? Has Stardoll finally reached the limit? Or are you over the moon you get to purchase an item from a Limited store?

1 comment:

Daisy / UKnowULoveMeXD said...

Unfortunently, its not actually from Antidote ! Its just a stardoll glitch ! A while ago the same thing happened with a pair of boots for 5sd but the next day they were removed from the starplaza. I think you should have kept those last 7sd ! XD


Stupid stardoll..... (;