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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Heya guys!

Heya guys! I am a new writer for Stardoll Gossip. I joined because Lilly said she would soon be concentrating on her GCSE's, so I thought I would give her a hand. It's my first post, and I don't think there will be much to say, but in any case, by the end of this, you should know just a bit more about me...

My name is Sara.
I am 14. My Birthday's on 10th Jan.
I am a Twilight fan.
I am loud, have a great sense of humour, but I am caring as well.
I love Harry Potter.
I love Twilight.
I love Blue, Pink and Purple.
I love Twilight!!
I love making new friends on Stardoll.
I am OBSESSED with Twilight.
I love Disney Channel.
I have Twilight on the brain near enough 24/7
I am a Muslim, and am proud to be, despite the prejudice out there.
My Stardoll idol is Jenna (aka emorox4eva) 
My Stardoll dream is to win 1st place CG and/or have my scenery "The Secret Garden..." as first. Plz vote!
I ADORE Twilight! 

Will post more when I can! Lol
Lots 'o' Love

Did I mention I LOVE Twilight? =D

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