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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wall of fame

The next wall of fame is up on the Hall of Fame:

Mary : Amazing girl. Drama,fame all in her. Lights,Paparazzi upon her. She brought life in Stardoll.

Alice: Perfect graphics. Amazing Issue Of Fierce. She's worth to be on the Wall.

Emma : Great outfits and great helper on Fierce.

Mika: Great style & helped a lot on Fierce.

Vanessa: The Last Star Awards were awesome.

Maggie: She brought The Star Dose back better than ever.

Perez: She brought back the PSG and now there is again drama in Stardoll.

Tyler: His blog was on of the best in Sd History and he closed it down with and honor for it.

Dan: With him in the PSG the gossip is back.

Charlotte : Great style and of course amazing writer of the PSG.

Mia: The scandal between her and Chace brought back HOS even more amazing.

Jenna: No words. Amazing blog.
What do you think?


*future*celeb* said...

Where is this from?

Lindsaylrox/Sarra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Avril14140 said...

I`m not surprised

reira422 said...

All the same ppl :(