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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Jan HB

As you all may know the january HB are out in the stardoll magazine:

Hot Buys Wrap - Voile Jan 1st
Hot Buys Silver Dress - Rio Jan 5th
Hot Buys Purse - Pretty in Pink Jan 30th
Hot Buys Shoes - Voile Jan 14th
Hot Buys Top - Fudge Jan 31st

Hot Buys Bracelet (octopus) - Voile Jan 7th

Hot Buys Cardigan - Pretty in Pink Jan 28th

Hot Buys Coat - Bisou Jan 12th  

Hot Buys Dress - Bisou Jan 26th

Hot Buys Tights - Evil Panda Jan 21st

Thanks to seen on stardoll for pics:


1 comment:

reira422 said...

LOVE! <3

Some of them better be nonsuperstar!!