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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Year Masquerade

Yesterday was the New year masquerade by Tylerisbold! it was a blast! his GB was completely full up and the party went on for hours and hours!
full of fights and announcments and more!  Tylers First announcement was that the pearls and pigeons will return with new contestants. The second announcment was that he was going to start a new progect with Mario (Dodence_bt).
and guess who showed up?? Style! (Style_magazine) noone expected her to show up :P
a few cat fights broke out, the first one was between Mary(writemarycat) and Alice(Hunnigall)
about their magazines which wasnt a real fight  but the fight between Charlotte(N1mka4eva) and Glamour1
was real and people were calling Glamour1 an attention seeker but it was one big party!

Where you there?
Did you have a good time?

1 comment:

reira422 said...

OMG!! I missed everything good :(

Well, stupid Tyler didn't reply to my guestbook entry or friend request