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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Writer + Haus of sin

hey, my name is Sarra A.K.A Lindsaylrox on stardoll. I am a new writer here and i will be posting about Latest stardoll gossip and other stuff...this is a temporary banner, i will be getting a new one soon.
Most of you may not know this but im Lillyandmile's sister in RL, this isnt a joke she will say it too :)
for my first post i will write about something that happened recently Happened at Haus of sin.

Remember this Girl? she says her name is Emilie van lust but he has admitted that he is not Emilie van lust
she isnt even a girl! shes a boy named Blake from california, she lied about that to become popular and stuff and she hopes to be forgiven.
i personally forgive him... Forgive and forget is best :)
What do you think?


Avril14140 said...

Aahh..I heard for that..

Lol..that`s funny!

reira422 said...

You can't trust ppl online these days...

it's not that funnt though XD