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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Stardoll is updating new features!

Hey guys, remember how I told you that stardoll wasn't working properly and that it might be doing a new layout/draft like shown on hotbuysbazaar.blogspot.com? Well, it might be true, I was on stardoll as usual, and I clicked something then things popped up, like "Sorry, user presentations cannot be viewed'', ''Hello, doll lover! Currently we are updating new features.'' etc. Here are some pictures! :
Now, no one can login. Ugh, come on stardoll, hurry up!
We need to login. -.-
Some people are bored without stardoll.



Avril14140 said...

I can`t log in.I can`t live without stardoll!!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg i cant log in either.! it tells me log in error and when i click forgot password it say "Hello Doll-Lover, "we are updating please try again later"! ughh soo aggravating they need to hurry up.

miss-kamcia said...


Anonymous said...

Arhhh Im having the same problem whats going on please can anyone tell me :(

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