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Monday, 31 May 2010

UK SuperStar Membership Offer!

Yay, my banner is finally done, but it is a bit too small, so I have to enlarge it so much, that it turns out kinda blurry, lol. About the whole leaving thing, I left a little comment on it. :) Anyways, there is this offer for UK superstar membership, if you buy a 6 or 12 month one you get REAL ITEMS delievered right to your door! They are from the fabulous designer, AnnaLou of London. As in the picture below you can see a clutch, purse, and a necklace to get! I think this is a great idea, not sure about the rest of you! If I am from the UK, I would so buy a 6-month membership, because I love AnnaLou! What do you think? Comment!

Picture of these free gifts that come with your purchase of 6 or 12 month membership (UK ONLY) :


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