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Sunday, 30 May 2010


It's Sara here. Yupp, I'm still alive! :] Sorry for the lack of posting Lilly. I am REALLY busy with my real life at the moment. Stardoll's currently on hiatus, and it ain't a priority either. I do enjoy writing for the blog, but we all know that it's not always Stardoll which comes first. Per se, Stardoll IS getting a bit boring. Just thought I'd let you know that I ain't dead-just yet!-but I am really busy. I can check the blog posts via my mobile, but can't make one. That also takes the mick! It's not as though my internet's messed, but a) I cba and b) I'm busy xD.

If I need to say something, I will probably just leave it in a comment in this post, so you either read it or another writer will post it. That's what I have had to do on my blog. Takes the mick. So hopefully Lilly or someone will cover the Stardoll news, as I can't. Speaking of her, Lilly, where the HELL are you? xD. Dead quiet! I know Year 10's are taking GCSE's soon, so if you're revising, don't blame you. Good Luck hun! Ily.

That's all from me. Am currently online via a comp, so I can answer messages, but my blog status will be on hold for a few days. Will probz be back around June 1st or 2nd, so don't miss me too much! Hehe :]. I'd appreciate it if you could just leave all the recent Stardoll News in this post, so when a writer needs to think of something, they can check here for now. Obviously, when me and/or Lilly get back, we will check this post, write everything-credit always given where it's due!-and then you can continue either posting in the Chat Box-which not many do! xD-or just don't bother.

So, if you're missing the blog-which I doubt you are but just being polite!-then don't worry. Me and/or Lilly will be back soon. I miss writing too. So much, that I have to comment for a post! xD. That's all from me for now. Hopefully, will see you (or hear/read from you!!) again soon.