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Sunday, 7 March 2010


URGENT: I need to know if you're a TEAM EDWARD (Like me!) or a TEAM JACOB *Vomits* lol but seriously, please tell me! It's for the album comp on Stardoll's Most Wanted, and I need to know if you're a Team Edward or Jacob. I also need to know WHY. You can check out my entry (Starts on Page 11 of my album!) but its not finished just yet. Only answer if I have not asked you. And remember, YOU NEED TO SAY WHY!
People who have answered so far:
Lillyandmile (Need to know why though Lilly!)

Although I hate Team Jacob, I need more of them!!

Pic courtesy of Fanpop


cheerleader2648 said...

I vote for Team Jacob. I say team Jacob, because Edward was a idiot for leaving Bella, and Jacob took care of her and they became good friends, and they have chemistry together. and plus Jacob is HOT:P

camille.love said...

CJOB<3 hes so much better for her. hed never leave her because he thought it "would be safer." hes her best friend and they already love each other to a certain degree. theyd be perfect <3

camille.love said...

*jacob. i said cjob on accident. x]

Abigail ♡ said...

I'm on Team Jacob... Sorry, but I totally agree with cheerleader2648!
(If you need more information,contact me on Ipodrocks on SD!)

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