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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Comp on my blog

Idk if I'm allowed to post this on here, but this comp is for my blog, so for any queries contact me in my GB.
Please note that to take part in this, you must be a PUBLIC follower of Stardoll News and Views. I have just copied and pasted this post off my blog; cbb typing it out again. Lol x
This might be a bit random, but I was re-doing my presentation (again!) and I was writing about my Stardoll idol. So it made me wonder...who's yours? And I was thinking, if enough people actually join in with this, then I might make it an official comp! So...here's what you have to do:

Choose someone on Stardoll who you adore. It can be a normal Stardoll user, or it can be a Real Celeb. It can even be one of the Stardoll staff. The choice lies with you. Then, give them a makeover, and write a short paragraph about why you adore them. It can be done either on your album or on TinyPic. You can even do it on your presentation; it's your idol, it's your choice.

Try to centre the outfit around something they love. It could be a favourite colour, book, character anything. Think BIG, and think unique. If you have layered items, then in a separate picture, you must show all the items you used. If its going your album, it has to be items which they own, and not items you own.

Here is my SAMPLE. Use it as a guideline. You don't have to make it exactly the same. My Idol is...

 Emorox4eva aka Jenna!

You can edit it using Softwares such as Photoshop and Paint, but your "Idol" must still own the items on the body.

Deadline: 25th March.

It will only be a competition if enough followers take part!!

Tell me what your entry is in COMMENTS on MY BLOG.

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Avril14140 said...

I like this.

It`s very good idea for Comp!