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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Want to advertise??

Now i have had the advertisements on the side of the blog for a long time and i just found out i didnt really announce that i advertise people blogs for free! so if you want to advertise on this blog all you need is:
-To be an active follower of the blog
-to post your blog link with the picture you want to be on the advert
-ask nicely :P


44nicole44 said...

Thank's for putting mine on the side x

Avril14140 said...

Heh,that`s cool!

Cooldeer123 said...

Hey lilly :D
I was wondering if you could publisize my little mag :P
And just have the banner pic :D

*future*celeb*/Ally said...

hey, i seriously read ur blog all the time. So could you just keep my ad up there and Ill return the favor. (lovelifeandstardoll.blogspot.com)
Thanks doll!

...Electra.... said...

Could you put my blog, sdaddiction.blogspot.com pleasee? :O
Put its header as a picture :D
I will send you a ss gift if you do <3

cheerleader2648 said...

How about my blog Stardoll Tips and Secrets? You can use the header but make sure when we change it you change it to, we are changing it soon.:)