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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

LE.... ?

Limited Edition is OUT!! >:)

O and what a great time too! i hardly had any stardollars left!! not enough to afford 1 of the nice dresses i wanted, this is so unfair! they just release it without any warning other than the spoilers! i had to sell my least rare rares to get money! i am really mad at the fact that stardoll is really starting to push it this christmass! theyre such greedy money sucking .......! its really annoying, first they make up spend 200sd to get the DKNY interior and other things, then they release holiday soiree, then they release st trinians, then they add things to the minishopall for ridiculous prices and now LE! how much more could they want???? UGH! does anyone else feel this cuz i just wanna leave but i dont want to at the same time....
btw- guess what?  we still dont get our LE pendants! we have 2 missing >:(

Please release your anger in the commetns Lol :)


*future*celeb* said...

Yeah i made a little post about this issue and this new le collection on my blog. im soooo not impressed with it.

reira422 said...

Now that I try it on.. it's not that great :(

But i like the black Balmain dress though!

Anonymous said...

why dont we get our pendants? stardoll will not answer me and i sent them 2 letters concerning this!

Cooldeer123 said...

You know this collection looks EXACTLY like the last one... like an extension...
WTF stardoll

disco_2 said...

This LE was overpriced--even for stardoll rates! =/
have u noticed, now u can only purchase a 6 month or 12 month giftcard! plus its more expensive--what a scam! >=0

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