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Thursday, 17 December 2009


Ok , guess what? there are new ways to pay! and guess what happens if u purchase a Gift card in the UK?
they only give you 183sd insted of the money supposed to be given! and if u pay by text? they take 9 pence off the text they send you even if they say its a free MSG! what fricking scammers!!

i may be in a bad mood nowadays but  this is Out of Order! i mean really come on! ugh! ill stop now and keep my anger locked up unless i cant take it anymore!
What do you think?


Avril14140 said...

That is so unfair!

PwincessSara said...

OMG...I topped up three times with the SMS option...AGGGGGGGH!!

canon laser cartridges said...

Im not sure i understand your question.If your existing password is not working to login or check emails or whatever then i would first submit a help ticket on the site and if you dont get the reply you need. I would then call them up and fix it. To be safe though i would change your password, just to be safe.

Lillyandmile/Lilly said...

@canon laser cartriges

i dont have any of those problems its just that i pay real money to get a certain amount of SD but they give me less, which is scamming and many of us sent a message but we get useless replies back.