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Sunday, 26 July 2009

What if...

I was watching What not to Wear on TLC the other day and it made me think of stardoll.
Like what if there was a What not to Wear team ( like Stacy London and Clinton Kelly )
Like you could sent like the user name into the offical team and they will pick people to get like make overs and help them along the way like what the real show would do.
And stardoll would give them 5,000 stardollars to use to creat a diffrent look.

Well... its just a thought


Stardoll Chix said...

I love that show!!
That would be a GREAT idea..but Stardoll, being the greedy Stardoll that they are, would NEVER give out 5,000 Stardollars out..for free. Maybe 500..?

Sammie1123/Sarah said...

Good Idea! THat'd be cool!!!!!!

loveylovelove23 said...

stardoll would be way to greedy to give out 500 stardollars.
But i just thought it would be fun to have a team of stylists to do!

Do you know what didnt know much about cliton and so i searched him and i found out he is gay. And so im just like not way. And google was like ya way, so idk who im talking to so im random bye!

katara4 said...

great idea...^^