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Thursday, 9 July 2009

ugh!! WHYYYYY?

OMG thanx stardoll! >:( they have really done it this time! they have completely messed up the dkny skyscraper and turned it to absolute crap! and this is supposed to be rare??? i really hope t changes soon cuz it looks horrible!!!

they even messed up the kylie lotto! whats going on???

the original one looked like this:>:(>:() >:(_) lol how do you feel after having ur rares completely ruined??


crazi_babi* said...

omg eww...they really fugly-ed it up.it use to be gorg but now it looks like some five year old scirbled on it

Dave Free web design said...

Ya! they are absolutely carp... Rally Horrible.

katara4 said...

where is the difference between the 'original' kylie dress and the 'fake' kylie dress...

but the sky dress... oO
its looking quite ugly..