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Thursday, 9 July 2009

New Real Brand


yesterday i posted some spoilers - and now the clothes are in the starplaza.

They are from the Real Brand, which is called 'Miss Sixty'

I can't wait to see this shop in starplaza.

The prices for the clothes are expensive - 16$ for a pair of shoes or 18$ for a simply swimsuit...
Okay, it's a real brand, but i think everyone prefers cheap clothes.
But they are still pretty...

And they are again only for ss.

Click Here to go to Miss Sixty's official website

What do you think about it?
Will you buy anything of this shop, which isnt there now?


loveylovelove23 said...

Oh, wow that's so cool i didn't know that! Thanks for telling me

crazi_babi* said...

Being non ss suxs...i wish i could have some of these:(

crazi_babi* said...
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