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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

new changes? or glitches?

i have noticed a few changes around stardoll, most i couldnt screen print but if u look above they have changed the times when you visit someone! insted of saying 1 minute ago, 1 hour ago and 1 day ago..it now says the actual time! i think its really great!
(sorry if ur name appears over there, i didnt have time to edit it)

what do you think?

sonething else i noticed is this:the friends and block buttons have become very small?
what do you think of this?

another thing which i dont think is a change, is this:
its back to normal now bbut was quite wierd.. ill post more changes later on :)


katara4 said...

i think its cool, that we can see the exact time when someone was in our suite..

but why are the buttons so small..?? lol

and the chat is very weird .. :S

Sunshinez said...

love it! it was annoying when it said 1 minute - when it was like a half hour!