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Monday, 8 June 2009


Hey everyone!

Everyone knows that there is a craze for old DKNY all over Stardoll, and some people are willing to do mad things for it. Items such as Lip Print, Sequins, Scuba and Cashmere are some of these. I myself am one of these people. I love the old DKNY, and I love the thrill I get when I look at my collection.
However, there are downsides; Scammers.
Most people you trade with are safe, but there's a few people who want to take what isn't theirs. I myself have only been scammed twice but I want to warn you about the people who scammed me.
Wow-Girl-2kaii8- This girl said she would sell me Lip Print Ruffle Dress for 140 Stardollars, so I bought something for 60, then she was supposed to put up the dress for 60, but she claimed that SAiiDii3 had bought it. Then she blocked me and the dress magically re-appeared in her suite.

x_o_livi_o_x- Said she would give me a 3 month code for my Lip Print Blouse, so I sold her the blouse for 1 Stardollar. She gave me a fake code and blocked me.

My advice is, don't go first, ever, unless the person is a well-known safe trader.
I learnt the hard way.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hii, if you have any old dkny please let me know, and add me on stardoll : lil_pink_baby .. :)
im a safe seller :P and trader :D