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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Fab Fashionista!!!

Hi again!! As you can all see, the new HB bag has come out in the starplaza. What do you think? Personally, I really like it, and at just 6 stardollars, it's a lot cheaper than other Hotbuys that have come out recently. I for one have bought it- visit my suite if you wanna see me wearing it =].

Also, this blog is about fab fashion, right? So I just couldn't leave out our fab owner, Lillyandmile.

Look at these amazing creations!

Ok, it's a bit fuzzy thanks to my complete lack of computer knowledge, but look at these three amazing designs!! The one she's wearing- if you take it apart you'll see that there are about 5 billion different items of clothing. That must have taken AGES to do, but the result was worth it, she looks stunning. The other two designs on the manequins beside her are made entirely from minishop items- how creative is that? Lillyandmile- you are such a great owner and a BRILLIANT designer!! xX