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Monday, 22 June 2009


OMG!!! so the new july hb were released in the stardoll magazine today, they are GORGUZ! check em out in the stardoll magazine!!!
hotbuys sun hat=1 july
hotbuys pants(pink)= 3 july
hotbuys record necklace=7 july
hotbuys ruffle bikini=10 july
hotbuys 80's dress(purple)=15 july
hotbuys tiger body=17 july
hotbuys plastic purse =21 july
hotbuys sandals=23 july
hotbuys jumpsuit =28 july
hotbuys gold platforms=30 july

get them all!!!! :) lol

1 comment:

loveylovelove23 said...

I love them, the lace bathing suite looks like LE!