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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

HB Skirt

Hi everyone! The new Hotbuys Skirt is out in the Starplaza- It's 12 Stardollars which is a bit much, but at the moment it's for non-superstars. Bet that's a mistake though, it's happened before that Stardoll put the HB for sale for non-superstar and then a few hour later they make it Superstar- So all you non-superstars, grab it now!!

I like it- what do you think?


loveylovelove23 said...

The skirt reminds me of paulina P.'s skirt

Dave Free web design said...

I have a short hot pink skirt and now i need help with picking out a top. i'm bad at mixing color, so what color of shirt should i buy and what color i should stay away from.