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Saturday, 7 August 2010


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I'm very sorry that I've not posted in a long time. There's too much happening in my life nowadays. First, I'm getting ready for school and I'm gonna be on Student Council and doing a lot of extra curriculum this year. Secondly, my Stardoll membership will expire this month and there won't be much to do on Stardoll. Thirdly, nothing much is going on in Stardoll that much anymore. I am not sure if I will get membership again or even go back into Stardoll anymore. So, I'll be posting for a little longer here.

Anyways, SUPER SUPREME is back, once again!

Are you gonna buy any?



Cat Behavior said...

i found this freeware program called super (http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html) i hear is useful but don't know how to download it anyone have it???

Rafi101 said...

Cool, PLEASE JOIN THE STARDOLL INSIDER ON rafi101.blogspot.com

Cat Behavior said...

why hasnt the new BNTM dress come yet??!! it’s been a whole MONTH since the last one came out! am i missing something??????

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