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Thursday, 3 June 2010


So I am guessing you have all heard of Jenna (Emorox4eva). If you haven't, then you SERIOUSLY live under a virtual Stardoll rock. She's an amazing person, and she owns one of the most popular Stardoll blogs, Stardoll's Most Wanted. Seeing as the new Chanel recently came out, I didn't know if there was going to be a poll. So I headed on over to her Guestbook to tell her just in case, and I saw this comment from some next level person, who's username is "IHateEmorox4eva"

So, like I said in my post title, someone needs a life!! Haha xD. There were also these comments in Jenna's Guestbook about her or by her (the "Jenna envious" girl):

I agree with SakuraDream; girls like that just don't deserve attention! Haha. So, I headed on over to her page to find out some more about her and why she hates Jenna so much. Her presentation was blank, but I did find this in her Guestbook: (Obviously I added my own comments before I created this post)

So, as you can tell, she is a loser who has no reason for holding a grudge against Jenna. And obviously, like John said, someone's a little envious! I reported her, and I think you'll join me. Only report her if you think she needs to be reported!

Lol. Sometimes, Stardoll folks makes me crack up.


cheerleader2648 said...

I reported her before, I might need to again. She totally needs a freaking life!!!!

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