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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Nicole-0's Account Deleted From SD?

As all of you know, the story between Nicole-0 and Gweeneee. Click HERE to see the post from SMW. I tried looking for Nicole-0's account on SD and I saw this:

(Click to Enlarge)

I was shocked and couldn't believe that Nicole-0 would do such a thing to Gweneee.

What do you think will happen next?



PwincessSara/Sara said...

To be honest, I think that is 50/50 fairness wise. I mean, it's not as though it wasn't just pixel rares, it was real money. Yes, Nicole made a mistake, just the same way Wooldoor did. It was the wrong thing to do, and I am pretty sure she has learnt that. If not, then, well, she kind of needs to.

But this is also what happens when pixels end up being mixed with money. Everybody makes mistakes (#Everybody has those days. Everybody knows what I'm talking about, everybody gets that way# (for all Miley fans. I personally hate her xp)). Yes, Nicole made a mistake, and end of the day, it wasn't a nice thing to do. But also, at the end of that same day, she is a NORMAL person with NORMAL feelings. I looked at some of the comments people bombarded her with in her GB prior to this incident, and they weren't exactly the nicest in the world. So it doesn't make them any better really, does it? And sometimes, I think people, in this case both Nicole and the people throwing mean comments at her, should think about the feelings the person they are targeting will feel . Please note this is purely from my point of view, and Idc if you disagree.

But overall, I think that Stardoll should not have deleted her account. Maybe take away her Superstar membership and make her pay that amount of Stardollars back. I think it's a little harsh, but maybe it will show people what will happen when you try to scam people.

Shontelle569 said...

@Pwincesssara: long comment i dislike miley alot! anyway yeh i agree with you everyone does make a mistake and at the end of the day you should forgive whatever they have done..

Anonymous said...

People would be happy to forgive her if she owned up to what she did, apologized and paid Gweneee back, but what does she do? She deletes her own account to make people feel bad for her. Stardoll did not do this she did.

Shontelle569 said...

@anonymous: maybe she deleated it because she felt bad of what she did she got fed up with all the bad comments!


Sarah said...

Ah so. You do something bad, you expect people not to like it. Take responsibility for what you did and deal with it. People would respect that much more. Make a public apology and pay back the money and people would leave her the hell along. Simple.

If you can't pay the time, don't do the crime.

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