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Friday, 25 June 2010

June hotbuys

Heey everyone
Here are the June hotbuys:

1. Hotbuys Head Bow out on 1st July in Pretty in Pink
2. Hotbuys earrings out on 14th July in Splendid
3. Hotbuys Heart Shades out on 3rd July in Splendid
4. Hotbuys striped Bag out on 30th July in Bisou
5. Hotbuys Dress out on 27th July in Rio
6. Hotbuys Stud Skirt out on 22nd July in Bisou
7. Hotbuys Peace Shirt on on 10th July in Fudge
8. Hotbuys Sandals out on 8th July in Folk
9. Hotbuys Patch Dress out on 6th July in Pretty in Pink
10. Hotbuys knee socks out on 12th July in Evil Panda (sorry forgot to number this one)

Hotbuys stud skirt inspired my Topshop