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Friday, 4 June 2010


So I was reading a new favorite Stardoll site, Stardoll's Most Hated Website, or as some of you might know it, Perez Hilton of Stardoll. I was reading Miss_LolitaF's post, and she said something about a new project called "Stardoll's Got Talent." I thought I would check it out, and it sounds really good!! I think they got the name from the British show, Britian's Got Talent, which I am TOTALLY addicted to at the moment.

This project is run by Mosky Magazine, and I think it's going to be a project similar to BBS. So, if you think you have got talent on Stardoll, then click HERE, and visit the page the says apply. Remember, if you want a space, you need to make your application stand out. It's like you're applying for a job but in the virtual world [:

On the blog, this is how they've said it will work:
Stardolls got Talent is a new stardoll contest where only 20 people get to become a contestant. Every week you will have to do something talented like make a talented scenery, graphic, outfit and much more. And every week people will get to choose who they want to eleminate and once the votes have been counted every sunday they will be revealed this will go on for other 2 months.

Will you apply? I have! And I have also asked if I, and the blog, can become sponsors. To become a sponsor, ask Mosky-Magazine in her Stardoll guestbook.


Anonymous said...

good job with this site it seems you know a lot about dolls

Anonymous said...

Aww, thank you! To find out more, go to sdgottalent.blogspot.com. I am anonymous because I am commenting from my phone. It is me though: I will log on via a computer and confirm it :) Thanks for them two comments. Contact MOSKY-MAGAZINE on Stardoll for more info.

Sara x

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