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Wednesday, 2 June 2010


There's going to be a Chanel tribute coming soon to Stardoll!! I am really happy about this, because Chanel is one of my favourite designers. The clothings just so cute! It's why the Chanel clothes were in the recent spoilers. It's inspired by the latest collection, the Spring/Summer 2010 designed by Karl. Some of these I find REALLY cute! Obsession Mag needed a new theme, and I did suggest basing it around one designer, but as the owner rightfully pointed out, it would be a bit too hard. Take a look for yourself! 

And here's the clothes that were in the spoilers!
(Credit: Stardoll's Most Wanted)
Are you as happy as I am about this news?


HopeFaithJoy said...

Aw! :( I was really hoping for Coco Chanel make-up! Do you think they'll be? I have all the dots make-up and I was hoping for a change not just another clothing store!


aka HopeFaithJoy

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