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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sorry, but I'm quitting this blog.

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Sorry, but I'm quitting the blog. The followers aren't too active, and we aren't getting enough comments for what we do... so, I guess, I'll go now.




Anonymous said...

Well, end of the day, it IS your decision, but I just want to say one or two things.

Firstly, I know someone who was planning on closing her blog down. She's actually a writer here. She was going to CLOSE her blog due to activeness, but the followers made her realise that well, sometimes, it takes time. Not everythings going to happen the way you want it. Look at USD and SMW. It took TIME for the blog to become this popular. So it's obviously going to take time for this blog. Sorry, but you're not really being fair. People have real lives too. Maybe thats why they don't post or comment much. Lilly and Sara haven't given up. Sara fills in for Lilly, but she hasn't lately as she probz has a social life too. It takes the mick. You expect us to become active, but you don't own a blog half as successful. So, no offence, but we're better off without you. Your comps were crap as were your posts. Not our fault you don't know what an opportunity you were missing.

PwincessSara/Sara said...


Hmm...if you're the same person as before, then for once, I actually see some sense in what you're saying. I am guessing I was the person who was closing the blog down :]

Although some of your comment does go OTT, I have to agree that it DOES take time. It's something I learnt from owning my blog. And I also agree with the part that you don't know what opportunity you're missing. I guess all I can do is wish you luck for the future, but hopefully make you think twice about your decision...

And Anon, you're right. I have been busy and still am. Stardoll on hiatus for a few days. x

Larsa [: said...

You know, your actually right anon, the successful blogs did not start out so successful, you actually changed my views!

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