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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Just wanna show ya something!

Heyy guys. I had some spare time before the Recherche Mag release party-was AWESOME btw, lol-and I made something for the blog. You don't have to use this Lilly-It's not brilliant, anyone knows that-but just thought I'd pass the time and make something ;] And don't get yourselves excited; it's nothing brilliant. I aint like Lily(Doinker_Chic) Alice (Hunnigall) or John (John2_el_mejor) just yet!
Told you it's nothing brill! 


Lillyandmile/Lilly said...

i would totally use it when i change the layout again! :D
i loove it! <3

Avril14140 said...

Actually I really like it!!

online movies said...

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