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Monday, 24 May 2010


Heyy! Sara here. Bannerless xD.

The JUNE HOTBUYS have been released. What do you think of them? Will you be buying any??

Pics: SMW

credit to The Stardoll Insiders.


1. Hotbuys Lace Top - 4th June2. Hotbuys Purse - 6th June
3. Hotbuys Bikini - 8th June
4. Hotbuys Skirt - 12th June
5. Hotbuys Denim Dress - 14th June
6. Hotbuys Coat - 16th June
7. Hotbuys Shoes - 18th June
8. Hotbuys Necklace - 20th June9. Hotbuys Shorts - 24th June
10. Hotbuys Top - 28th June
If you can identify any of them before they are out on other blogs, please let us know.
Topshop Top
Marc Jacobs shoes

Swarovski Alice In Wonderland-inspired necklaces (thanks Biscquitt!)

moschino coat

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