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Tuesday, 18 May 2010


You can now sell stuff in the Starbazaar for a price of up to $500sd! Useful if you want to sell something Rare or LE/Antidote, and don't feel comfortable trading. However, this time, Stardoll takes 10% of the profits, not just $1sd. I find this particularly outrageous. You buy something, and 10% goes to Stardoll, not the owner? Weird. And also, what happens if you sell something for $2sd? Or can you? xD. Because you cannot really get 0.2 of a Stardollar...You should get this dollmail...lovin' the sparkly vamp top! xD. Do you think Stardoll's just trying to be a bit more greedy? By raising prices and stuff? Let me know! I know I do. It's stupid. But makes sense if you want more money, I guess.

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