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Friday, 7 May 2010


Yes, that time of year is approaching once more where we show our appreciation for our Mothers. And even Stardoll has recognized it's importance! You can get a free Mothers Day Rose! Thanks USD for both the image and instructions!

People from Germany just go HERE...and enter the competition

If you are not from Germany go to
and copy and paste this into the blank box:

hit Browse!

Login to stardoll!!

now erase the previous link from the proxy and paste this one:


and hit enter or click "GO"

Close the window and go to Stardoll as usual it will be in your suite
ATTENTION: In case there will be pop up ads during the time you are using the proxy...close them and continue with the steps....don't click in any of them...we cannot garantee the safety of a web proxy....

PS: Voting for MOTM on my blog has started. YOU CAN VOTE! FOR APRIL MOTM!! JUST CLICK HERE!
Sorry for not posting much; over in Britain, it's the General Election so I am paying a lot of attention to the news. I am also hung up with School, Mosque, GCSE work and the Options Process which some of you may know about!, Although I am just 14, I know more about the Election and Politics than most people, and i tend to pay quite a bit of attention to the news. I am doing so more than ever at the moment, especially as it's the first Hung Parliament since 1974! For more info, which I doubt you'll wanna know, go to www.bbc.co.uk/election


Alice in Wonderland said...

Yaaaaaay, another Electioneer!
Who did you want to win? Labour seem to be getting the thumbs down atm... I personally wanted Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) to win :)

And shit, mother's day is coming? Ack... I forgot :D

Lillyandmile/Lilly said...

wow, i wanted labour to win even though i hate gordon brown, their policies were by faar better than conservatives :( stuff the BNP.. :/
and i swear mothers day already passed?? :) x

PwincessSara/Sara said...

@ Alice In Wonderland:
First of all, amazing name! xD I am a huge disney fan!
Idk. I guess (if I could vote) mine would have gone to either Labour or the Liberal Democrats-if I were being serious. Conservatives won overall, was announced yesterday, but they had to form a Coalition which I am happy about; therefore, not all the policies he wants can be passed. Nick Clegg is the Deputy PM...I don't like many of the policies with Conservatives, although they have got quite a lot of good ideas. Sounds weird...xD

1) Gordon Brown resigned as Prime Minister on Tuesday, a day after resigning as Labour leader.
2) Everyone hates the BNP! xD. Us Muslims have changed it to "Britain Needs Pakis". No racial offense intended!
3) Have you heard of the Monster Hunting party? I think they're there to wind people up! Lol. Would vote for them for a laugh.

Did you hear, apparently, a 14 year old kid managed to vote somewhere in the NW of England?

And Mothers' Day has gone in England. I think it's for US. I made Choc Chip Cakes, but then she had to go London for a wedding, and my brother ended up scarfing half of them down. I ate the rest for Breakfast. xD

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