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Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Stardoll has added a new feature to the bottom of your suite. They only added it a while before I posted this, because when I was logged on before, it wasn't there, but when I logged on after a couple of hours (also after watching New Moon I might add ;D) I saw it. 

Anyway, the new feature is the Recycle Can. You can put the stuff you no longer want in here. Perfect for Stardesigns gone wrong, or the stuff which you just can't seem to be able to sell!

You can recycle as many items as you want, but I advise you to be careful. Remember, once it's recycled, you can no longer get it back!!

You also get $1sd for the first item you recycle each day. You won't get the stardollar if the item you are recycling originally was a free item or cost $1sd.

Like I said before, be careful about what you recycle. Once it's gone, it's gone! Although you do get a confirmation message which pops up just to ensure the safety of your items.

Only recycle something if you're positive you no longer want it. You may need it in the future, so think carefully.