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Friday, 23 April 2010


Lol. Seriously, before, I'd be pissed of by this...but so freaking weird!! Haha...I just found this hilarious! I logged in to Stardoll, and checked my GB, and some random loser posts this in my GB...

I literally burst out laughing. As if you post rubbish like that...so check out my reply:
True, no?? LOL And one of my friends who saw the reply goes "I like what you said to him". XD

And btw...I got this dollmail, but the gal aint on my friends list...

And then I got requested off someone who told me she's a hacker. I aint giving my pass out, especially because Idk how she mailed me...but am sort of confused! I posted this in her album (Her GB and starblog are closed.)
I went to her album a while later, and saw that she'd deleted an earlier comment. I am guessing that she is hacker/scammer...