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Friday, 16 April 2010


Wooooooooo! Lol. I have finally made a proper graphic using a graphics programme! I know I've made some before, but they're not as good as this one (in my opinion!) Unfortunately, it's not Photoshop, but it's GIMP instead. It's cause I've had my Photoshop trial. Anyway, here it is. Whaddaya think? I think the heads a bit too big for her body...lol...;D I got the dress off a doll on I-Dressup. The background's a bit bright, but I couldn't find any really nice ones. It's not perfect...but whatcha gonna do? Nobody is, and it's my first time.


Gabyzoka said...

It's pretty good! :) The head it's a little too big (LOL), but it's your FIRST graphic, of course!
Congrats ;)

Avril14140 said...

So cute.

Abigail ♡ said...

Looks pretty awesome... Just keep on trying! :]

Gemmapywell said...

very cuteey. (:

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