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Thursday, 22 April 2010

MAY hotbuys

The May hotbuys have been released in the stardoll magazine, this time it has a new layout. what do you think of it? they will probably have a different layout for each month now? here they are:

Release Dates:
-Hotbuys Heart top- 1st May
-Hotbuys Earrings- 3rd may
-Hotbuys dress- 5th May
-Hotbuys bodysuite- 11th May
-Hotbuys skirt- 13th May
-Hotbuys Headbow- 16th May
-Hotbuys belt- 20th May
-Hotbuys Bag- 22nd May
-Hotbuys top- 25th May
-Hotbuys Boots- 29th May

(Credit--Stardoll's Most wanted for all pics)
Here are the RL versions:

Helene Berman bow

Topsop Tee

 Topshop top
credit--Hotbuys addicted
Topshop dress
Topshop Bodysuite

Topshop belt
Topshop Bag

Topshop Boots
Topshop Earrings

Looks like nearly everything is from topshop? 
What do you think?
Will you buy?


Cherries648/Neon said...

They all look really cute. :]
I like the skirt and bow. ♥

Abigail ♡ said...

They are all oh so cute! :P

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nice one.