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Thursday, 29 April 2010

How to keep your accounts safe.

Somehow, someone knows my password on the Stardoll's Most Wanted Cbox, and they've got me banned. I wasn't even online yesterday, as I had to go see family and drop them off at the airport, so Idk who the freaking hell this person is. I am so annoyed; I nearly cried when I found this out! I love talking on the Cbox, and some ass-hole has gone and got me banned. And my pass isn't exactly the most obvious thing on Earth either-I ain't that stupid. I can't even create a new account as someone as the Cbox blocks people via IP address. Idc though. When I find out who the heck this freaking son of a bitch is, I am gonna chop their virtual heads off.

Anyway...because of that, I thought I'd tell you how you can keep your accounts on Stardoll and things like the Cbox safe.

1. NEVER give out your password for Stardoll, unless that person has References. They might be a hacker. 

2. ALWAYS remember to log out of your account. People can then access it from the same computer.

3. NEVER change your email address because you get "free stardollars" "LE clothes" "starpoints" etc. It's how many people get hacked.

4. ALWAYS report someone who has hacked you. They don't deserve to be treated fairly.

5. NEVER be rude to someone, even if they're rude to you. Just report them, otherwise, you'll drag yourself in needlessly.

6. ALWAYS make sure that your passwords are not easily guessable.


PS: Here's a blog, run by Boo4Bettz, helping to outrun the scammers and hackers: