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Friday, 9 April 2010

DioGuardi Couture

After tons of hardwork, DioGuardi couture is finally finished. Run by Manolo (Manolo.DiCicco), the Spring/Summer Ready To Wear issue of 2010 will be released this Saturday (tomorrow) in 3 parts.

  1. Red Carpet: .Dioguardi.'s Guestbook
  2. Fashion Show: Manolo.DiCicco's Guestbook
  3. After-Party: Marequee.'s Guestbook
Just check out this amazing invite:


Abigail ♡ said...

I love how they did the editing and photoshop! :]

Anonymous said...

the monolo guy is GAY! he perves on virtual girls and strips them naked to draw new clothes for them,... this model looks disabled and your posts suck!... i hate you and... your writing,... im waiting for you to go away but noo ...ur stuck here so now ...i hate this blog and the idiot that hired you!...

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Wtf?? You wanna see someone who's freaking gay? Then go and looking the bloody mirror. You're effing pissing me off with your comments. I am a better writer than you and always will be. Evidence: I have the correct grammar, and I also don't post lies. And you aint the only one waiting for someone to disappear. I'm waiting for you to get lost, but no, you have to stay don't you? And tbh, you're on your own. Noone likes you, and they never have or will. Go get a new hobby. And it's only you who hates Lilly. Everyone else don't. So go piss off. You're focking pissin me off.

Sorry about my language guys, just getting really annoyed. I can't believe someone would post shit like that!

Anonymous said...

are you stupid? who the fuck is Lilly?
GAY name anyways and i hate her because you know her. you both are fucking ugly.. at least put some pictures of yourselves up so i can perve on you!
idiots! and if you think your scary by swearing .. then LOL because i dont give a shit, you sound childish! hate you soooo much! die and rot in hell!

Lillyandmile/Lilly said...

Hey Airhead! :)
I am Lilly.
I am the ' amazing idiot ' that hired Sara.
think your so hard going around parring everyone? well guess what? everything you said in your last two comments seemed more like a description of u.
i wont bother giving you a loong lecture cuz u obviously wont understand. but just know a few things... u can clearly see that everyone hates you so use whatevers left of 'common sense' that u have and get lost!
calling others stupid wont make you smarter hunni, and you hate me? gimme a good reason why? a reason that doesnt invole jelousy <3
ill try being nicer if you try being smarter, I'm already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth. and If I said anything to offend you it was purely intentional.
get away from my blog because this is the last time im letting you go, got it?

cheerleader2648 said...

I could not go, but I cant get Marequee.'s name, I can't go to the suite, for some reason. Any who WAY TO GO LILLY, O btw if you want to see gay Anonymous, go see the boys in my grade(6th( some not all)) and Adam Lambert( sorry if you like him, I hate him so much)

PwincessSara/Sara said...

a) Like I said before, you're the only gay one.
b) Wanna see something really ugly? Then go look in a mirror. Actually, on second thoughts, don't. I feel sorry for your reflection and also feel sorry for the mirror.
c) You're weird. Apparently, according to you, Manolo is gay for "perving", which he doesn't, but then you ask us to put pics? What a fucking freak.
d) If swearings nothing "cool" then why the hell are you doing it?? I aint the one sounding childish, you bloody are.
e) My friends uncle is a cop. I can actually get him to trace your computer if I want him to. So if I were you, I'd watch your step.
f) You're the one who should rot in hell. It's there for people like you. And yes, I do believe in heaven and hell and the afterlife, as I am a Muslim.

@Lilly: Nah, leave IT's comments. You should let everyone know how thick they bloody are. It doesn't have any common sense, so how can it use it?

And once again, sorry about my language, but am freakin pissed off. Again.

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