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Monday, 1 March 2010


Stardoll has re-released rare items for the third time now! The dress and purse inspired by Selma Blair are back, and I think they're cheaper! Lol...buy it while you can!

All pic credit goes to Stardoll's Most Wanted (again!)

They're also selling the Marilyn Monroe gown which I THINK was released in 2008. Not sure...
Jean Louis Marilyn dress

Stardoll has also released three dresses which are Inspired by McQueen, and are also included in the Tribute doll.
There's also these McQueen Inspired Gloves:


bent-ksa said...

i love That Dress!

Avril14140 said...

Hmm,I don`t like them on Stardoll,but I love RL Versions!

Cherries648/Neon said...

I agree with avril14140..
They look nicer in real life.

cheerleader2648 said...

I love all the dresses, and love the gloves:)

...Electra.... said...

The gloves are a MUST.

online movies said...

nice one.