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Sunday, 28 March 2010

How NS's can be Stylish.

I was looking through random SD accounts, and I don't think many NS's realise how many amazing clothes are out there in the Starplaza which they can buy! I find some NS clothes really nice...they scream "Buy me!" and some of them even appeal to me more than SS clothes! Seriously though, some Stardoll's simply put random clothes on and leave it like that, even if it doesn't work (this isn't everyone btw) They don't give any consideration to how their MeDoll looks. Your MeDoll can still look amazing, even if you're not a SS! So, I have created this outfit to give you a few guidlelines:

As you can see, the main colour focus of this outfit is black. Most people will know black always looks great. Believe it or not, all the items you can see there are for NS! (OK, so I cheated using mascara...lol...). All you need to do is find items which compliment each other. I have used items from Pretty in Pink, Rio and Stardoll. I think the whole effect works really well. Remember: Try not to overdo your MeDoll or it won't look nice. Sometimes, easy and simple works better. Only go wild if it goes with your outfit. But, at the same time, you need to remember that you shouldn't be afraid to experiment. It's like inventing something. You won't know what works unless you try. It's the same with creating a new look. Throw items together. If it doesn't look nice, then don't buy them. If you follow those simple rules, you could be one of the ones (like Filipa (Filipinhamaria)) who are setting amazing fashion trends on Stardoll.

Hope this helps!


Cherries648/Neon said...

Nicely written post. ;)

Black is the most important colour in fashion. ;)

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