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Monday, 29 March 2010

April HB's

*Sorry guys, bannerless, again. My Blogger won't let me upload images; doesn't show them. I've had to use Tinypic to upload most of the ones you've seen today...*

The April HB's have been released in Starplaza! They're GORGEOUS:
Release Dates:

1. Hotbuys Shorts - 1st April.
2. Hotbuys Silk Dress - 3rd April.
3. Hotbuys Dress - 6th April.
4. Hotbuys Purse - 8th April.
5. Hotbuys Swimsuit - 10th April.
6. Hotbuys Skirt - 13th April.
7. Hotbuys Shoe - 15th April.
8. Hotbuys Shirt - 16th April.
9. Hotbuys Dress (as seen on doll) - 19th April.
10. Hotbuys Bow Belt - 22nd April.
RL Versions: (Credit to Seen on Stardoll and/or Stardoll's Most Wanted for images) 
Marc Jacobs Dress (Thanks SMW)

Marc Jacobs Shoes (Thanks SMW)

Topshop Belt (Thanks SMW)

Topshop Bow Grab Bag (Thanks SMW)

Zimmermann Swimsuit (Thanks SMW)

Dolce & Gabbana Skirt(Thanks S.O.S)

Paul & Joe Sister Dress (Thanks SOS)

Alice by Temperly Shirt and Shorts (Thanks SOS)