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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

March 2010 HB's

*Heya guys. You might notice I am just copying and pasting stuff off my blog atm, but I am REAL busy with exams, and I need to revise like hell, so I can only post one thing at a time, and I usually post on my blog first.*

The March HB's have been released! They're OK I guess...whaddaya think? Which is your fav? There's an Abbey Dawn top, and Idk if its meant to be there...I love the black dress and also the pink dress!

Release Dates:

Abbey Dawn Top - 15th February
Hotbuys Dress - 2nd March
Hotbuys Necklace - 4th March
Hotbuys Ruffle Top - 10th March
Hotbuys Blouse - 13th March
Hotbuys Tights - 15th March
Hotbuys Pink Sequin Dress - 18th March
Hotbuys Chain - 23rd March
Hotbuys Vest - 29th March
Hotbuys Shoes - 31st March

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