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Monday, 15 February 2010


 UPDATE: you can get the dress if you have a non-ss account with the mail, just follow these steps:
1) log onto your non-ss account and open the mail from stardoll
2)open a new tab and log into your main account quickly
3) go back to your first tab and click purchase on the mail
4) close the tab and go to ur suite and it should be there!
1) go onto your non-ss account
2)purchase SS
3)click purchase and sell it to your main account.

wow, i was really pissed off when i read the post at Stardoll's Most wanted, about a mail that was sent to all non-ss offering a gorgeous LE dress f they convert to SS...
P.S whats wrong with the girl on the pic's nose?
 Inspired by CHANEL
(seen on stardoll)
now, no SS at all got this mail and i find this really unfair because we actually bothered to buy LE and we deserve this atleast! ugh! i find it soo annoying how stardoll are money greedy, sponging off kids/teens, and rubbing it in our faces if we cant get that item!
What do you think?


cheerleader2648 said...

Beautiful dress, to bad I have no way of being superstar for sometime, because I dont have a target or bestbuy nearby.

Cat Behavior said...

There is always Dove chocolate which is really good too. Very decadent / rich taste, but can really show you care.

Cat Behavior said...

A true chocolate lover loves any kind of chocolate!! When selecting, it depends on your budget and who you are selecting it for.