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Friday, 26 February 2010

im back! LE dress...

yet another cute dress is out but hey thanx to a few wonderfull blogs ^^ you can now get these dresses, this one is inspired by Victor and Rolf:

Picture and instructions credit---Underneath stardoll
Victor and rolf dress
credit--seen on stardoll

Now to get the dress follow these steps exactly how they are:

1) Go to Stardoll and go to your INBOX  (nowhere else will this work)

2. in the URL of your browser copy and paste this: javascript:Msg.buyItem(23777)
and hit enter

3.Don't be afraid if your money says NaN after this, that means you bought it. refresh and go to see your LE top in front of your wardrobe!!

you will need To be a Superstar and have 125 stardollars

It comes in 2000 pieces and it is sellablle :)

What do you think?


cheerleader2648 said...

I love the dress, so pretty:D

bent-ksa said...

it's Really cute !

i did Buy it

Abigail ♡ said...

Doesn't work anymore... Tried to get them... All gone...

Cherries648/Neon said...

I got the mail from Stardoll for all the LE, but I`m not a Superstar. >.<

Cherries648/Neon said...


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