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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Geeez! Juicy Gossip!

what is stardoll coming to? alot of you will know what i am talking about! girls pretending to be boys or boys pretending to be girls? be proud of your gender people!
this morning Lilaaa posted a little unmasking of deviee44 who is so called "Kristen" but hey surprise surprise!
HIS name is Patrick and is a BOY, HE looks like this:
okayy....? so first he lies about being a girl which i find GAY for a boy, theeen, lies about it after being clearly figured out! he sent Lilaaa some CLEARLY FAKE proof of hhis being a girl:
now that sign is clearly photoshopped! look at the ugly white scribbles in the middle, and what paper is that shape and the girl isnt even holding the sign unless she has some magical powers to keep it standing without using her fingers and the writing is clearly paint! 
we werent born yesteday! 
it was fine when Blake tanner owned up to his RL gender with maturity but this is just sick!
i just thought since this is a gossip blog there was a relevance to post this.


cheerleader2648 said...

ok, almost I think every boy who claims there one, is a girl.. and some girls are actually boys, its confusing.

Avril14140 said...


Cooldeer123/ Shayan Fierce ! said...

Fire this girl as a writer.
This post was flat-out discriminatory. Not all people who have a female medoll but are male are gay.

This is discrimination and ignorance on the part of the writer..

Lilly, fire her.

Lillyandmile/Lilly said...

im talking to her now on MSN
she broke one of our blog rules...