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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Too good to be truee....

It seems like we didn't notice something very important in the "Play and Earn" thing it was too good to be true yes you can save the one stardollar out of five but you will only get those 5 stardollars ONLY for 10 days of each month!!!
See the picture:

They say that the MAX we can gain now is 50 stardollars Every Month!!
Lets do the math!!!

On a typical month of 30 days we used to make if we played every day 30x5=150 stardollars
So we used to gain 150 stardollars every month.

Now, you can only gain 50 stardollars every month which means that you don't get to play and earn every day but only (50/5) 10 days of each month  so if the play and earn games stopped giving you money is because you have already played 10 days this month!!!

To sum up, we used to make 150sd every month but we had to spend them the same day
Now you can gain 50 sd every month.....
so you gain actually 100 stardollars less than before 
and from those 50
you can actually save ONLY 10 sd per month hahaha.  i don't know what to do with all that money and with 4 sd (for only 10 days of each month)
hahaha i don't know what to do with all that money. and with 4 sd (for only 10 days of each month)
you can't buy much  so it is good that you can save up!! but lets be realistic 10 stardollars per month? and 100 stardollars less ? they took back more than what they gave STARDOLL is a joke!!!


Avril14140 said...


Avril14140 said...

Did I said it`s cool?

Of course is not!!!

cheerleader2648 said...

ug stardoll, can I say it, stupid. I miss the original stardoll alot.

reira422 said...

I was confused..