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Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Yay! today was the perfect snowy day!(Minus the killing cold!) i had a frosty wake up call with my mum pulling off the duvet and telling me to get up as usual so i looked outside and it was dark and snowing!
after breakfast and getting dressed i ran into the garden and made a mini snowman before rushing to school thinking im late then to my suprise i get sent home and my sister doesnt! ha! its cuz she payed for a trip and they cant cancel it so year 7 got school! :D Had a huge snowball fight with my mates before going back home and snuggling up on the couch and watching some random things on TV. Later i went to enlarge my snowman then i decided to make more and well 3 hours passed and i still cant feel my fingers and toes! >:)
 View from kitchen window on the side of the house:


Supposed to be my dad but he doesnt have a bald patch,
i couldnt be bothered to add more :) ! lol

 How was your day?
Did it snow?


44nicole44 said...

It didnt snow today , I want the day of school ;( . Your lucky x

Avril14140 said...

It was snow here too!
Lol..I like your snowman (and women)

reira422 said...

It never snows here ^^

Zoe Z33 said...

WE had this powdery snow...and a load of ice. You can't go anywhere unless you want to slip. My school's been closed for two days...and today I can't get there. School wasn't in Monday anyway so If I'm off tomz I'll have been off for an extra week!

sd_is_da_best said...

It started snowing yesterday here but it was barely 1cm. I was supposed to go back to school from Christmas holidays today and I was in my uniform and everything but my dad rang the school and I have no school today or tomorrow!! I was so happy. WE're supposed to have really heavy snow on Sunday and Monday. I'm so happy i get to miss even more school :)

Lejla-HelloKtty said...

oh cool, i love snow :)

Anonymous said...

i germany is not many snow , well in my village is not many snow but in an other regions of germany there is much snow ^^

bad ..